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AppsHarness the power of Copystar MFPs with customized business applications. Turn your otherwise complex tasks into simple processes and bring true innovation to your office environment.

Capture & Distribution Apps:
Transform hard copy documents into a
simplified, digital format and storage.

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant®

DMS Link

DMS Link

Sharepoint App

SharePoint Connector

Transforms select MFPs into an on-demand test printing, grading and analysis hub.
Increases productivity by enabling a teacher to quickly create/print/grade/analyze multiple-choice tests.
Automated grading improves accuracy; human error is virtually eliminated.
Provides teachers with at-a-glance feedback on how students performed, with detailed reports that include bar graphs, histograms and test statistics.
Speeds turnaround on individual test results; if necessary, extra help can be provided sooner rather than later.
Lowers costs by using economical plain paper to print bubble sheets and answer keys, eliminating the need for special media and dedicated scanning systems.
On demand testing capability enables teachers to monitor student comprehension with greater accuracy.
Routes test results to email or USB drive – in universal PDF or CSV format - for conservation of paper, toner, energy and budget.

Enables fast retrieval of fully-indexed files from a central database, eliminating lost or misfiled documents.
Utilizes existing folder structures for easy navigation (via MFP touch screen) to target Scan-to locations.
Automates document processing and notifications, increasing overall office efficiency.
Assists in compliance with regulatory mandates governing information privacy.
Expedites document indexing using barcode recognition, for easy desktop retrieval.
Saves time by converting text into searchable/editable content via OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
Reduces costs related to overnight delivery services, long-distance faxing and hardcopy storage.
Enables departmental MFPs to support specific workflows, addressing users’ unique application requirements.
Effectively routes documents to a predetermined document management system or shared server, for simplified document sharing among individuals and workgroups.

Leverage your existing Microsoft SharePoint investment with advanced functionality from
HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs.
Increase your ROI by moving paper-intensive environments to efficient digital workflows, reducing operating expenses and overhead.
Scan and index documents at your MFP using your existing SharePoint folder structure.
Ensure greater efficiency and accountability by providing an audit trail for documents that were traditionally stored in hard copy format.
Retrieve and print documents stored in your SharePoint document library directly from the MFP control panel.
Offer enterprise-wide access to information, with support for multiple SharePoint servers.
Optional OCR to create searchable PDFs.

Microsoft and SharePoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Mobile & Cloud Solutions:
Take advantage of printing and scanning capabilities on the go from today’s
mobile & cloud technology.



Mobile Print

Kyocera Mobile Print


Kyocera Cloud Connect

Dramatically simplify printing by eliminating printer drivers!

AirPrint is Apple technology that enables printing from iOS or OS X devices without installing any applications or drivers. With AirPrint, you can take advantage of driverless printing from iOS and OS X products to select KYOCERA printers on the same network. This capability enables mobile workers to quickly print hardcopy documents – helping improve productivity, both inside your organization and on-the-go. It also boosts productivity by eliminating the need for you to e-mail files and attachments to someone connected to the network for printing. In addition, mobile printing with AirPrint helps reduce IT’s burden of managing application downloads and print drivers, and enables you to better manage jobs in your print queues.

AirPrint works seamlessly with many Apple apps, including Safari, Mail, Photos, iWork and PDFs in iBooks. In addition to Apple apps, many third party apps also support AirPrint technology.

AirPrint is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

Simply and conveniently print files, web pages, and images using your smartphone or tablet.

Kyocera Mobile Print is a free app that enables users to securely print documents, web pages, images – as well as copy and print text from a clipboard – on demand from their Apple and Android smartphone and tablet devices to select Kyocera MFPs and printers. Users can also scan files and images from those same MFPs to their mobile devices. Mobile Print puts you in control of your document imaging and eliminates the need to carry cumbersome printed files on the chance you need them. It also eliminates issues associated with emailing files to someone connected to a network in order to have them printed for you.

Using Mobile Print is Easy!

Download the free app from the respective app store.
Connect to the same network as the Kyocera MFP or Printer you will be using to print.
Open the document, image or web page you wish to print.
Select the device you wish to print to, set your preferences and press Print.
Copy and print text from other applications using application’s Clipboard Printing functionality.
Supports PDF, JPG, PNG, TXT, XPS, HTML, iWork, Microsoft Office for Apple
Supports PDF, JPG, PNG, TXT (lower resolution), XPS, GIF, BMP, HTML for Android.

Easily print from and scan directly to the cloud from select Kyocera MFPs.

Businesses are increasingly turning to cloud technologies to enable them to store and share large quantities of data. This facilitates the ability to conduct business on the go and at multiple locations, by allowing easy access to these stored files. Kyocera once again meets your ever-changing demands with Cloud Connect, an exceptional application that enables you to retrieve and print files in Evernote® and Google Drive™, cloud storage providers, directly from any Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFP. You can even upload scanned files to Evernote and Google Drive – directly from the MFP, without needing a computer!
Anytime, anywhere access to stored files – frees up mobile device memory, while eliminating the need to transport hard copy files
Flexible, easy, and secure retrieval and printing of your stored files from any Kyocera MFP
Upload scanned files directly to Evernote or Google Drive-- no need to send scanned files to a computer
Add tags or note content for accurate search capabilities
Both Evernote and Google Drive support JPEG, PDF and TIFF file formats. Google Drive also supports Google Document formats

Cost Control & Security:
Manage costs associated with your MFP while protecting your
company assets.

Access Lock


Card Auth

Card Authentication

Color Lock


Give specific MFP user groups or departments access to only the device functions they require.

Because there are many different sets of document needs within an organization, often times MFPs or specific functions of MFPs do not need to be used by certain employees, groups or even departments. Your organization can realize improved document security and cost savings if specific features of your MFPs are only used by those who really need them.

Using AccessLock you can be assured that far fewer unnecessary functions are performed and that your document costs are reduced. As an example, if one department only needs to utilize MFPs for printing, your system administrator can use AccessLock to prevent that department from scanning, copying or faxing. Because AccessLock integrates with Active Directory, user rights and restrictions are easy to implement and manage. AccessLock also meets advanced authentication needs with password or proximity card authentication while also allowing a “Public Access” button so certain job functions can be performed without logging on to the MFP.

Integrates with Cryptek CAC/PIV and Kyocera’s Card Authentication Solution for advanced authentication.

Use your existing HID employee identification cards to securely unlock your MFP

One Swipe Does It All: Authorize, Restrict, Limit

In most organizations, it’s quite common to see HID proximity cards used as a secure method to access doorways. This common technology that is used for employee identification can now provide added value to your organization as it can also be used to authorize MFP usage.

The Kyocera Card Authentication solution is a quick and convenient security option for your multifunctional products utilizing employee ID badges. With a simple swipe of a badge, users gain immediate access to their Kyocera MFP, authorizing them to use features specific to their job function. With Card Authentication installed, corporate network resources and information can be secured, preventing unauthorized access.

This solution also enables administrators to track usage for reporting or accounting purposes, thereby saving your organization from unnecessary waste. By leveraging Kyocera MFPs and in most cases your existing ID badges, your business is able to protect vital information without the need to invest in additional security cards and high-priced hardware. It’s a cost-effective solution for any enterprise.

Restrict color functionality to only those who really need it.

Manage Your Color Output, Control Costs

Printing in color can bring your documents to life; however, color is sometimes not necessary for certain employees, groups or departments in an organization. The ability to limit color usage can be a great advantage for any organization interested in controlling costs. ColorLock is a Kyocera designed business application for all HyPAS-enabled color MFPs that gives you the ability to restrict color functionality to only those who really need it – helping to manage your budget.

When ColorLock is installed on your MFP, a login screen appears which requires users to enter a passcode when they walk-up to the MFP before they can access color functionality on the device. If your system administrator deems it necessary for an employee, group or department to have access to color output, he/she can issue you a passcode that will unlock full color functionality on select MFPs.

A “Public Access” button is also available for those who are restricted from using color to simply operate the MFP in black & white mode only, without needing a passcode. ColorLock is a simple but effective application that helps you manage printing costs and promote appropriate and efficient use of your MFPs.

Please contact us for more details and pricing.

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